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Flip Breskin is a song-catcher extraordinaire, an extremely clean and lyrical fingerstyle guitarist, and a musical mover and shaker from away back. She was one of the founders of the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop and has been playing and teaching guitar ever since. She claims not to be a songwriter, in spite of having One Heart At A Time in the Rise Again songbook

In concert, she plays the sweetest instrumentals ever found. The songs she sings are deep and thoughtful and never self-absorbed.

Zeke Hoskin sees the absurd side of everything and puts it all into witty songs that have been performed and recorded by Canadian bands from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland. He also plays the mandolin and alto clarinet. His topical songs can be found in his Youtube channel.

Together their effectiveness is enhanced by the contrast. A belly-laugher by Zeke sets you up to appreciate the depth of Flip's next offering, which in turn leaves you all the readier for a truly skewed Zeke number . . . When they aren't playing vocal ping pong with your state of mind, they sing together and play instrumental duets.

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Zeke singing The Lizard That Ate Vancouver
Flip singing Siddown And Play
Flip and Zeke singing Doin' Eighty
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Fl!p and Zeke are a marvelous act
She views the world with compassion and tact
He rips it apart with ironic wits
She sings lullabies to the battered bits
Then plays instrumentals calm and mellow
But he is a fire-brained mandolin fellow
With a ragtime repertoire blazing hot
Then she sings again, cause she cares a lot
How the world should be, how to make it so -
Then it's time for Zeke to lampooning go
With outrageous puns and demonic glee
Then they do a piece in sweet harmony
Both so different, and both so hip
A marvelous act are Zeke and Fl!p

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Zeke was born in Montreal and lived in Nova Scotia, Toronto, and Calgary. He was part of the Vancouver folk scene for twenty years, playing at coffee houses and releasing two cassette albums. Plenty of other performers used his witty songs. Probably his best-known song from this era is Hunting The Duck, a spoof of a hunting trip that was picked up by Three Strong winds and by Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers. Now he lives in Bellingham and writes topical songs.

Fl!p Breskin is a Bellingham-based guitarist and singer who co-founded the Puget Sound Guitar Workshop and has taught fingerstyle guitar to a generation and a half of Washington pickers. The first time she heard Libba Cotten, she realized that she had found something worth doing that she could learn to do, and has been doing it ever since. While Libba was still alive, she would stay at Fl!p's house whenever she toured the Northwest.

As well as being a superb instumentalist, Fl!p sings and writes songs about the positive ways people can fix the world.

They met at a music camp in 1992, and got together a few years later. Their concerts tend to have sections of musical ping-pong, alternating humorous songs by Zeke with serious songs by Fl!p. They back each other up and occasionally sing harmony. Their signature numbers are Slack Key, where Fl!p uses Hawaiian licks to frustrate Zeke's attempts to sing too quickly, and I Love Chocolate, where Zeke composes verses on the spot as the audience suggests topics.

Their instrumentals range from deeply beautiful slow airs through ragtime and circus marches, with swing numbers featuring Zeke forsaking his mandolin for an alto clarinet.

Each has solo studio CDs, Zeke's Lethal Reprieve and Next To The Best and Fl!p's Promises I've Kept. Together they have released a set of home-recorded CDs, including Peace, an occasionally-extended set of political and personal peace songs; The Lizard That Ate Vancouver, a PG-7 children's album; Groundhog Day, Zeke's songs from 1998 through 2005, and Work In Progress, a compilation of theur collaboration. Fl!p also has a CD, Play Parties and Clapping Games, to accompany her workshops, and every December they burn a few more copies of Merry Fl!pness/Zekesong's Greetings.

Fl!p often gives a workshop on ergonomics for musicians which help people play for a lifetime without injuring themselves. Zeke's songwriting workshops have prodded a goodly number of folks to discover and apply their writing talents.

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Flip Breskin and Zeke Hoskin
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