Zeke Hoskin Albums

Life Is Lethal 1992 Cassette
Reprieve! 1997 Cassette
Lethal Reprieve 2001 Compilation CD
Groundhog Day 1.1 2002 Semi-studio CD-ROM
Next To The Best 2008 2012 2013 CD. Available mid-April 2013

Fl!p Breskin Albums

Promises I've Kept 2001 CD
Playparties and Clapping Games 2002 CD-ROM and Booklet

Fl!p & Zeke Collaborations

Merry Fl!pness
Zekesongs Greetings
Seasonal (Halloween/Xmas/NY/Groundhog Day) CD-ROM
The Lizard That Ate Vancouver 2004 Kids' CD-ROM
Peace 2004 CD-ROM of peace songs. Available now, still growing.
Work In Progress 2009 CD-ROM of of Fl!p and Zeke songs.

Work In Progress

2009 Home CD, 16 cuts
graphics for WIP 2009 CD

Fl!p & Zeke songs, mostly home-recorded with semi-professional gear, with just the two of us.

Zeke Songs: Blood On the Pumpkin, Christmas With No Ferrari, Context, Grandma's A Pirate, Helping Cupid, I'm Not In Denial, Johnson Street Bridge, Mad All The Time, Noah's Rabbits, Pi Day, Thanks For Being My Mother

Fl!p Songs: I Believe In You, Tom's Guitar, Walla Walla Waltz

Instrumentals: Flat World, Something Else

Lethal Reprieve

2001 CD, 17 cuts
Lethal Reprieve Graphics
Graphics Joni Miller
Remixed at Digital Studios, Bellingham,WA
The entire casts of Life Is Lethal and Reprieve!,
plus Joe Breskin, Marie Eaton, Peter Langston, Rob Lopresti, Lee Mohler, Chad Petersen, Laura Smith, and Joe Vinikow

Hunting The Duck, The Vacuum Cleaner, I Love Chocolate(recut), I've Forgotten The Chords, Beer Is Good For You, Navel Warfare, Life Is Lethal, I Believe In Christmas, The Landlords, Eagle Trip(renamed, recut), Bicycle Fish, Valparaiso In A Rowboat, Jonathan Livingston Seafood, Yahoo! The Highway's Comin',Christina's Waltz, Mytilene's Reprieve, and Doin' Eighty.

Next To The Best

2013 CD, 19 cuts
CD graphics for Next To The Best

All songs by Zeke Hoskin

Fl!p Breskin, Kat Bula, Devin Champlin, Lucas Hicks, Korby Lenker, Rob Lopresti, Tom Rawson, Nancy Simmers, Laura Smith, Thaddeus Spae, Ellen van der Hoeven, Terri Weiner

Cell Phone Off, Pi Day, Booby Prize, Call Me Traditional, Grandma's A Pirate, Thanks For Being My Mother, The Only Place It's Sunny, Go Back To Sleep
Simple Song, Ring Of Keys, Noah's Rabbits, Octopi Wall Street, More Elements,Slack Key, Mad All The Time, I'm Not In Denial,Entropy Happens, Context

Starfish Rag

Groundhog Day 1.1

2003 home/studio CD, 20 cuts
Groundhog Day graphics

Originally included a live recording from a PSGW concert, a song recorded by Steve Lalor, and 15 home-studio recordings with Zeke, Flip Breskin, and Korby Lenker. Version 1.1 has all the songs from the original CD, with two cuts updated to studio recordings, plus home recordings of No Longer Free and Freedom Toast and a cut of The Generals featuring Nova Devonie (accordion), Lance Haslund (bass), Marc Hoffman (mandolin) and me (vocals and Celtic harp). Professionally duplicated and imprinted.

Groundhog Day, Monster Truck, Entropy Happens, I'm Not In Denial, The Northwest Rock, Blowing Up My Friend, The Lizard That Ate Vancouver, The Last Longhorn, Three Feet Tall Again, Spaghetti, Spam, Nothing On The News, Slack Key, Christmas 1 AD, Midnight At The North Pole, Four Gallon Flush, Lust Mop, No Longer Free, Freedom Toast, The Generals,

Merry Fl!pness / Zekesong's Greetings

homebrewed CD, 16 cuts
Seasonal Songs with Flip Breskin
CD graphics for Merry Fl!pness/Zekesong's Greetings

Zeke Hoskin Songs
Blood On The Pumpkin, Skeleton Inside, Midnight At The North Pole, Christmas Rock, Christmas One AD, Hanukkah Candles,
I Believe In Christmas, Bah, Humbug!
Christmas With No Ferrari, Happy New Years Day,Groundhog Day, Helping Cupid

Midnight Clear Rag

Other Songwriters
There Is No Silent Night James Gordon
My Door Is Open WideKate Douglas Wiggin
The Hills Are BareScherf/Walker

LIFE IS LETHAL 1992 Cassette, 45 minutes, 16 cuts
Picture of vacuum cleaner with teeth,   belching smoke and 
shooting lightning bolt Performers: Zeke Hoskin, Penny Sidor, Three strong Winds,Clamjamfrey
Songs: Life Is Lethal,
The Vacuum Cleaner, Hunting the Duck, I Love Chocolate, The Landlords, Harp-Breaking @#$%&, This Folking Song, The Bottom Line, I Believe In Christmas, Beer Is Good For You, A Cycle in the Stable Marriage Problem, Navel Warfare, River Of Garbage
Instrumentals: Englishman River Falls Waltz, Chuck and Ruth's Hornpipe

REPRIEVE! 1997 cassette, 46 minutes, 17 cuts.
Picture of an airplane and a griffin above a stylized rowboat Performers: Three strong Winds, Fraser Union, Flip Breskin, Rosemary Campbell, Don Dirksen, Tammy Fassaert, John Gothard, Dennis Lakusta, Tim Readman, Brian Samuels, Doug Thordarson
Songs: Another Pacifistic Song, Bicycle Fish, Clone Lullaby, Frogs In Cream, The Ghost Program, If A Guy Hugs A Guy, Jonathan Livingston Seafood, A Love Song For People I Dislike, The Man In the Tank, Mytilene's Reprieve, People Aren't Organic, Pointless / Climb, Valparaiso In A Rowboat,Vedran Smailovic, Yahoo! The Highway's Comin'
Instrumentals: Christina's Waltz, Flowers, Tam At Emily Carr

Producer Tim Readman
Engineering Al Remple
Cover Graphics Joni Miller

Entropy Happens

No longer available
Performers Zeke Hoskin, Flip Breskin, and a cast of several
Songs Are We There Yet?, Christmas One AD,Doin' Eighty, Downsized, Entropy Happens,Four Gallon Flush, Groundhog Day,I'm Not In Denial, The Last Longhorn,The Lizard That Ate Vancouver, Monster Truck,Nothing On The News,QWERTY, Signing Up,Slack Key,Spaghetti, Spam, Three Feet Tall Again, Freddy And Verbena

Home-recorded and home-produced CD-ROM, with photocopied graphics and lyrics booklet, scheduled to become a real CD some day.

The Lizard That Ate Vancouver

Zeke Hoskin Songs:
The Lizard That Ate Vancouver, Monster Truck, The Northwest Rocks
Yuck!, It's Better Than That, Cotton Eyed Joe, The Mermaid And The Skindiver, It's All Part Of Being A Pirate


Includes Zeke Hoskin songs:
No Longer Free, The Generals, Freedom Toast, Vote With A Computer, No Way To Hold A Recount, and This War's For You.
Flip Breskin Songs:
One Heart At A Time, Cherry Street And Apple Pie, The Heart Of It All
Give Me The Money, Annotated Blowin' In The Wind