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Differently Abled
Physically Challenged
I Wish I Knew What To Say
My song about being in a wheelchair is called
Three Feet Tall Again

and the MP3 recording is also on this site.

I'm a big guy and I carry my own harp upstairs, but you can't help noticing that I do it on crutches because I only have one leg.
Of COURSE you're curious, you evolved from a monkey (unless you're a creationist). And yes, it's bad manners to ask a total
stranger. (But don't smack your kid for asking, because that's why kids grow up with weird feelings about the handicapped.)

I was riding a small motorcycle at night and got hit by a drunk car driver. If you've driven drunk, I forgive you.
If you plan to do it again, do it on a small motorcycle, and leave me your car in your will.

I do have a prosthetic. It took me almost thirty years to find somebody who could make a hip disarticulation prosthetic that actually worked.
His name is Tony van der Waarde and his website is www.awardprosthetics.com. Almost all hip-disartic prosthetics end up in the closet
because they are difficult and dangerous to use and about as uncomfortable as you would imagine. Most prosthetists and hospitals are
completely out of their depth and assume that nobody can do better. That is not true. I have a fully articulated (hip, knee, ankle) leg that really
works and a pegleg that is very much lighter and works better. I used to wear a prosthetic about ten hours a day, four days a week.

Good PointsBad Points
I can carry a cup of coffee
People don't freak out as much
It gives my shoulders a break
It gives me a huge incentive not to get fat
It's not really stable enough to carry large awkward harps
It gets in the way sitting down
It attracts fetishists
It's a serious nuisance in the bathroom
How To Deal With Physically Handicapped People
Offer them your seat on the bus if there are no empty seats nearby
Don't assume they're also mentally challenged
Don't talk to their significant others as if they weren't there
Don't swat your kids for noticing
Don't start the conversation, "I wept because I had no shoes . . ."
If you feel awkward, it's not your fault. Or theirs. Or very important.