Good Songwriters

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Tracy Spring
Wrote a song that Peter, Paul, and Mary sing
Which is just as well, as
I'm not the least bit jealous.

The music industry has the effect of isolating all but a small handful of stars among performers, and requiring these stars to perform the kind of songs that they, the industry suits, figure will sell. I know a bunch of really good songwriters who aren't internationally famous.

Fl!p Breskin has made such a career of finding and spreading other people's best songs that people who've been listening to her for years don't realize that many of her most moving songs are her own compositions.
She has a tape-and songbook, Songs Of Compassion, with seventy-odd songs you'd really like to know; a tape-and-booklet, Playparties and Clapping Games showing how much fun you can have without musical instruments, and her CD, Promises I've Kept, is a mixture of original songs, collected songs, and lovely guitar instrumentals.

Scott Katz is the only writer that Fl!p thinks is funnier than I am. His CD Wrong! is mostly hilarious and often deep. He sings like a gravel truck and has hot musicians backing him and his guitar.

Tom Hodge - More Than a Killer Scrabble Player. Tom is a quiet, deep, contemplative writer. His long-awaited CD Shadows and Light is here and it's great.

If Rick Keating's songs were fish, they'd be barracudas. Rick is a poet and the most powerful writer I know.

Meryle Korn knows more parodies than anyone and is a virtuoso autoharp player. She's also a killer songwriter who can make you cry for two reasons in two minutes.

Rob Lopresti is the only songwriter that I'd swap all of my songs for all of his. His CD Can I Blame You? features a cross-section of Bellingham musicians and a bunch or really good, really insightful songs.

Joni Miller writes songs with more edge than a barbershop full of straight razors.

Brian Robertson finally recorded Saltchuck Serenade after years of everybody bugging him to make a CD. Brian was born in a fishing town and was a commercial fisherman. He's a strong writer and he's really been there.

I won't mention Linda Allen, Marie Eaton, Tom Hunter .... who already have songs out there.