Tune Generator Mark I

Real melodies are not random. However, it is an interesting exercise to start with a random scrap of tune and use it to develop a melody. You can flip a coin or pick cards from a deck or use anything else to pick a sequence of notes. Or you can use a computer.

Here is a program to write three kinds of random tunes. A White tune has all notes equally probable, and a Brownian tune has each note only one step from the previous note. A Pink tune is halfway between. The names come from "white noise", "brown noise", and "pink noise", in acoustic engineering.

The tunes are shown as a sequence of numbers representing notes of a scale. For example, if the tune is
1 2 3 1 1 2 3 1
you would sing it
do re mi do do re mi do
In the key of C, it would be
c d e c c d e c.
Pink tunes are in extended do re me form, where di, ri, fi, si, li are the notes a semitone above do, re, fa, so, and la, and du is do an octave up. Tunes are also shown in guitar tab, in the key of C.

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