sponsored by the Whatcom County Parks and Recreation Department & the Whatcom County Homemade Music Society
Roeder Home, 7:30, Wednesday January 28
Broadway at Sunset
more info: 671-4511 or 671-3480
"Ok, here's how I know I just heard a great song: envy. When I'm smiling on the outside, yet slapping myself on the inside, thinking "O man, I wish I'd written that!" - that's a great song. And it's usually a Rob Lopresti song". - Scott Katz
A bunch of great musicians got together and did a concert in celebration of Rob's songs, some years back. Usually a writer has to wait till they're dead for people to do that.
The only time I ever fell out of my chair laughing -- literally -- was the first time I heard Scott Katz sing about Kenny G. - Rob Lopresti
Scott Katz is funnier than Bob Dylan and sings almost as well. Scott sees attitudes clearly and lampoons them brilliantly, without losing compassion for the human beings that wear them. - Zeke Hoskin
Scott’s songs have an insidious charm and truth that sneak up on you like a cartoon mouse with a stick of dynamite. – Arnie Sugar
Zeke can write a better song in ten minutes than most songwriters can in ten months. - Rob Lopresti
The great thing about a Zeke Hoskin song? You're so busy laughing that you don't realize the world just became a better place. - Scott Katz
One of the few children's albums that needed a parental warning - Fl!p Breskin