Zeke Hoskin Songs

not including parodies, words to fiddle tunes, extra verses, or instrumentals
Most of these song titles have links to printed lyrics and some have links to MP3 recordings. Click the left half to get the lyrics and the right half for the recording. The MP3 files are too big to keep them all on this web site, so if there is an mp3 link but it does not work, email me and I'll send it to you. To save space, some of the recordings are shortened and/or low-fidelity versions. I probably have better versions offline.
Are We There Yet? Automated Tractor Bad Neighbours Bad Santa Land
Bah, Humbug! Beans Have It Tough Beer Is Good For You The Best Bluegrass Band In The World
Bicycle Fish Bigger Than Pluto Billings 1993 Binary Boogie
Blood On The Pumpkin Blowing Up My Friend Booby Prize The Bottom Line
Call Me Traditional Carbonear Cell Phone Off Christmas One AD
Christmas Rock Christmas With No Ferrari Clone Lullaby
Coffee Is Better Than Sleep Cold In B Flat Con-text
Country Scrabble Cuddling Housework A Cycle In The Stable Marriage Problem
Daddy Shot The Easter Bunny Dan Harris Doin Eighty
Down Into The Air Downsized Eagleharper (MP3) Entropy Happens
Extinct Relief Fakerade Folklife Fandango Forty Below
Four Gallon Flush Freedom Toast Frogs In Cream The Ge-nerals
Go Back To Sleep Grandma's A Pirate Groundhog Day Harp-Breaking Bastards
Helping Cupid Hey, Mr Conductor Hunting The Duck The Hydrogen Mines
I Believe In Christmas I Love Chocolate I'm Not In Denial I've Forgotten The Chords
Johnson Street Bridge Jonathan Livingston Seafood Just An Opportunity
The Landlords The Last Douglas Fir The Last Longhorn LibertyAnd Justice
Life Is Lethal The Lizard That Ate Vancouver Lust Mop
Mad All The Time The Man In The Tank Marooned On Lummi Island
Midnight At The North Pole A Minor Misjudgment Monster Truck
More Elements My Dog Has Two Left Feet Mytilene's Reprieve
Navel Warfare No Longer Free No Room For Despair No Way To Hold A Recount
Noah's Rabbits The Northwest Rocks Nothing On The News Now It's Called Princeton
Octopi Wall Street The Only Place It's Sunny Oregon Flood
An Ostrich Ate My Octopus Pi Day Pict On
A Pillow That Felt Like You The Punctuation Squad QWERTY
Ring Of Keys River Of Garbage Row Across The Floor Signing Up
A Simple Song Sixty Pound Harp Skeleton Inside Slack Key
Slow Mice Software On My Mind Spaghetti Spam
Thanks For Being My Mother This Can't Be Love This Folking Song
This War's For You Three Feet Tall Again Tim Eyman Bridge Too Much Religion
Unsittable The Vacuum Cleaner Valparaiso In A Rowboat
Walla Walla Waltz Walk Into The Bathroom Welfare Plan Westboro Baptist Church
Why They Killed The Saturn Yahoo! The Highway's Comin'
Yellow Ribbon Blues You Can Be My Pick
Other Songs
A Hundred And Twenty-Five Chaperones, Act Like You Love Them, Afraid Of Commitment, Air Bag, Almost Everybody Is Going To Hell, Alphabet Soup
Ambulance Driver, Another Pacifistic Song, Anti-Wedding Song, Bafflegab, Ban The Net, Band-Aids And Glue, A Barbie And Ken Murder Ballad, Bastille Day
Bein' Dead Ain't What They Make It Out To Be, Billabong Bounce, Bluegrass Backrub, The Bluegrass Police, The Body Of A Teenager, Boogas, Border Guard
Bosun Higgs, Both Sides Of The Counter, Bouncing On Clouds, Bowl Of Cherries, Bulletproof Ducks, The Bullies Are Back In Charge
Bring Back My Planet (lyrics), Cardboard Box, Carnivore Chantey, Carnivores, A Case Of Susie, Change Without Notice, Cherry Trres, Christmas Guilt
Clarence, The Crashing Boar, Come To BC, Confused TV, Contempt For Fiddlers, Cross-Border Love, Dandelions, Dark Eyes (translation), Days Full Of Music
Death Or Glory, Demo Tapes, Dennis The Devil, Dogs And Katz, Doin' The February, Don Martin Tribute, Don't Come Home, Don't Take Your Kids
Don't Try To Talk Me Out Of Wanting You, Doug The Slug, The Dreadful Aliens, Duck With A Bulletproof Vest, Dumb Ideas, Eatin' Moggy (parody)
Eight Ferraris, The Emperor's Flight Suit, Emergency In Seattle, Eohippus, Evil Kids, Excuse Me While I Preach Another Folksong, Extra Virgin, Fartyrdom
Flip Is Square, Flip Makes My World Go Round, Forty - Six (TTTO Yesterday), Fractions, Freddy And Verbena, Frog.Went.Courting
Garbage Truckers (TTTO Camptown Races), Get Out Of My Way, Get That Chair, Get Well Soon, Goldfish, Garlic, And Bill Monroe, Goodbye, Dick, Gospel Show
Grandfather's Code, Grandmother's Gone To The Bar, , The Grasshopper And The Ant, Gravedigger's Blues, The Gross And Stupid Tax, Gun Magazine
Hanukkah Candles, Happy Everything, Happy Endings, Happy Mothers' Day, Happy New Year's Day, Haven't You Heard About AIDS?, Helicopter Kim, The Hermit
Hit Me, Hooray For Flip, Hum A Few Bars And I'll Fake It, I Can't Call You Sweetheart, I Get Along With You, I Met Her On The Internet
I Oughta Fall Out Of Love, I Shot Bambi's Mother, I Want You In My Family Again, If A Guy Hugs A Guy, If You Were A River, I Got A Job
I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter, I'm Glad I'm Not A Pilgrim, I'm Stoned On Pain Pills, I Want A Ferrari, I Wish You Were My Friend Again, Infernal Combustion
Interworld Patrol, Iranian Minefield One-Step, Is It Any Wonder That I'm Blue?, It Seemed Like A Good Idea, It's Hard To Be A Father
It's Not Supposed To Be That Way, It's Valentines, Je Suis Quebecois (parody), Jeremiah's Christmas Tree, Jesus Fish, Darwin Fish, Jesus Was A Liberal
Jim Jones (parody), Job Application, June Is In The Air, Just Another Tooth In the Saw, Keep Your Head Down, Labour Of Love, Lamentation
The Law Is The Law, Legion Etrangere, Leonard The Lemming, Let's Blame It All, Let's Sit This One Out, The Liberal Is the One, Lint Trap
The Lions Watch Over Vancouver, A Long Time After The Evening Before, Look Out! This Pen Is Loaded, Love Song For People I Don't Like
Mad Enough To Vote, Maid In The Forest, Make Way For Ducklings, Making The Bed Without Moving The Cat, Making Breakfast, A Man Around The House
The Man Who Never Recharged, Maple Sugar (lyrics), Mardi Gras For Lizards, Matches Made In Heaven, May Day, McPherson's Submarine, Menu
Merging On Insanity, Mist On The Water, Mixed Relationship, Mosquito Spray Dog, Mother Nature Is A Bitch, Music In The Wind, My First 100 Days
My Girl Dee, My Prayer Was Answered "No", My Stars, My Sweety's Cuter Than Yours, Nine Time Nine (parody), Ninety Year Focus, No Gold Medal
No More Goodbyes, No-One Who Matters Takes The Bus, Nobody Loves A Banker, Northwest Morning, Nothing Happened Yesterday, Not Requite
Now I'm Broke I'm Rich, The Ocean Always Wins, Old Time Religion (verses), One Syl Words, Only A Symbol Of Power, Open Heart, Ordinary Heros, Past Lives
Path Of Least Resistance, People Aren't Organic, Perfectly Cool And Calm, Pipeline (lyrics), The Pipeline's Still Burning In Bellingham
Playground Of The North, Pointless, Presidential Nightmare, Pulling Together, Pumpkin Tree, Racist Bullshit, Randolph, The Rude Noide Red Deer
Raw Eggs And Orange Juice, Reasons, Reboot Me, Baby, Recipe For Disaster, Rehearsing, Relativity, Rich Widows, Roeder Home, Rolling Unstoned, Rush Hour
Safely Through The Storm, The Sailor Comes Home, St Anne's Reel (lyrics), St Patrick And The Virus, Sarajevo! (TTTO Oklahoma!), Scarey Christmas
Schroedinger's Cat And Pavlov's Dog, Second Love, Segregating Laundry, Sell Out Song, Seventy-Six Years Old (parody), She Treats Me Fine
Silvery Blue Harvest Paper Moon, Simple And Plain, Six-Headed Busker, The Sixties Are Us, Snake Disease Mandolin, Solstice Moon, Sometimes Love Is
Song Of Three Words, Songwriters Circle, Sooke Means Home To Me, Southern Ontario Hippo, Spring Chickens, Stalin's Music Camp, Stick It To Me
Sunburn Blues, Sunlight Secondhand, Sweet Obsession, Teaching The Horse To Sing, Thank You For Your Feedback, Thankful For You, Three Letter Words
Three Trees, Time, Time's Made A Sage Out Of You, Too Much Month, Too Stoned To Make Your Valentine, Trans-Canada Highway, Treacle Well
Turnips And Beans, The Twa Sisters, Unemployed Rocket Bum, Unexpectedly, VFSS Alphabet, VD Blues, Vedran Smailovic, A Very Mushy Love Song, Vinegaroon
Vote With A Computer, Washington's Counties, When The Enron Went Down (parody?), When The New Wears Off, Where To Go, Which Finger?
Who Can Tell With An Octopus?, Who Cares?, Who Would I Love?, Why Don't They Break Clarinets?, A Wife Named Bill, Windshield Wipers' Waltz
Work, Exercise, and Anger Management, The World Is Pretty Decent After All, You Can't Love Everyone, You Can't Say That On The Radio, Yule