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ZEKE HOSKIN: Lethal Reprieve
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Selected Songs

Zeke the day after becoming engaged to Flip
Photo Tom Rawson
Essays On Music Theory
Click left half of title for lyrics and right half for recordings.
Today's Special Liberty And Justice (video)

Recordings on this site may be shortened 64kbps (compact low-fidelity) MP3s. For high-quality recordings, check ordering information.

What I Do and Why I Do It

Nobody listens to serious-sounding songs they disagree with. I try to write ironic, humorous songs that people with different opinions can enjoy.

I play ragtime and circus tunes on an old F4 mandolin and swing on contra alto and alto clarinets.
I used to play Celtic harp, so here are the lyrics and a recording of Eagleharper.

Links And What They Lead To

Flip Breskin Fl!p is an extraordinary song-catcher, songwriter, performer, community organizer, and all-around Good Person.
Flip And Zeke Text, posters and other information for the ongoing Fl!p & Zeke collaboration.
More really good
Here you can find a bunch of other songwriters (a) whose work I admire a lot and (b) who have websites. If you can't find a local songwriter on my list, that doesn't mean I don't like him/her. Try Google. Try MySpace and FaceBook.
Whatcom County
Homemade Music Society
A group of people who have figured out how to put on concerts and music circles for over thirty years without board, burnouts, or bank account
The Songwriters' Group If you write songs, you and the rest of us have lots to offer each other. The songwriting group meets once a month, usually in Fl!p & Zeke's house, to present songs in progress and offer suggestions. This can be incredibly helpful if you are interested in writing better songs.(Note: the website is fossilized, but the group is very much active.)
Radim Zenkl John Reischman Two mandolin viruosos I have been lucky enough to get lessons from.


Zeke Hoskin Albums Fl!p Breskin Albums
Life Is Lethal 1992 cassette Promises I've Kept 2000 CD
Reprieve! 1997 cassette Playparties and Clapping Games workshop CD
Lethal Reprieve 2001 compilation CD F & Z Collaborations
Groundhog Day 2002 CD-ROM Work In Progress 2009 CD-ROM
The Lizard That Ate Vancouver 2004 kids' CD-ROM Peace topical CD-ROM
Next To The Best 2013 CD my best songs since Lethal Reprieve Merry Fl!pness/Zekesong's Greetings seasonal CD-ROM

Ordering Information

CD-ROMs (Groundhog Day, Peace, the Lizard, Merry/Greetings) are $10 US to U.S. addresses or $10CDN to Canadian addresses
Cassettes (Life Is Lethal, Reprieve) are free at gigs and $1 by mail (while they last) with any CD purchase
Studio CDs (Lethal Reprieve, Promises I've Kept, Next To The Best) are $15 US/CDN.
Add $2(to US) or $3(to Canada) per order for postage and handling. Other countries, $2US plus postage.

Things you can get by email

MP3s (320kbps) - $1/song. Songs from Lethal Reprieve and Next To The Best are available on most MP3 services.
64kbps MP3s (good enough to learn song) - Free
Sheet music (melody, guitar tab, lyrics in Finale Printmusic or pdf file) $2.50/song (allow a couple of days)
Sheet music printed and snail-mailed: add $1/order
If you order by email, I'll try to have it ready to send when your check gets here.

Personal checks (or cheques) are least hassle for us. We're not set up to take credit cards.
Save postage, buy them at a gig - why not call/write/email and set one up?
2518 Cherry St, Bellingham, WA 98225

PS: that's Zeke Hoskin, not Zeke Hoskins.